Dragonology  - Review

Ages: Everyone

The game gives the kids who were enraptured by Dragonolygy: the Complete Book of Dragons the opportunity to do a little interactive adventuring. The book took dragons as seriously as paleontologists take dinosaurs - their habitats and behaviors, including protection and preservation.

The game expands upon this by having players apprentice under Dr. Ernest Drake, the renowned head of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists. Their job is to track dragons, befriend them, learn more about them and add to the knowledge of dragons.

The good doctor helps you prepare for your expeditions by outfitting you with traps, potions and bait and then by transporting you in his dirigible to a location where a dragon maybe lurking. Your goal in each expedition is to locate a dragon, by following its trail, photographing it, befriending or rescueing it or obtaining a special item from it. Special evidence, teeth, claws and scales are analyzed - not all finds come from dragons. Dragons are not the only animals you will encounter.

The Doctor's campus includes a library, exhibition hall, hanger for the dirigible, supply store, a potion laboratory and a dragon refuge - you will use all of these. At some point you will rescue and care for your dragon, teach it to fly and eventually release it back into the wild.

It is a nice fantasy, exciting with a little bit of scientific techniques, some tracking skills and care of an endangered species. We could use more like this one.

Fun Factor: Good fun
Female Factor: Your choice
Player Friendly: Saves upon exiting - but they don't say so.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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