Drake & Josh - Review

Drake & Josh
Ages: Everyone

According to the press, Drake & Josh is the most-watched live-action TV series among boys ages six to 11. That doesn't mean that girls can't pick up a tip or two from the show/game. The kids, if you don't watch the show, are step brothers who, as one would suspect, are juggling girls, gigs, school and their mischievous sister Meg, and Meg is not the kind of sister anyone would want for her, every day is April Fools.

Hate to say it, but the games here are more fun, have more substance that those in Zoe 101. No currying favors, just sneaking around, playing the guitar, food fights and avoiding tomatoes tossed at you while you are on stage. Enemies are what you would expect hall monitors, angry boyfriends, football players and obstacles include security cameras to avoid, slippery floors, locked doors (thanks to Megan) and popcorn on white floors. Nothing unusual here but if you want to keep company with Drake or Josh go for it.

Fun Factor: There are better games without the brand name but it's OK for an afternoon's fun.
Female Factor: Megan is the trouble maker and the instigator of some games but she isn't playable.
Player Friendly: Friendly enough except for the noise hazard of white popcorn on white floors.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/07

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