Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter  - Review

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Ages: Everyone

Our "Hero" has been dormant for two years - now he appears on the Wii platform. This game is a drawing/platformer - two different activities - one slow and thoughtful - drawing; and the other quick and reflexive - platforming, and that is the tension that I feel in this game.

Once again, the Raposa people have been set upon by Wilfre, and his blackness threatens the entire village. "The Creator" (you) is called upon to create a Hero. You create him or her by drawing. All the implements are there - brushes, eraser, pens, color, fill, an outline, zoom controls so you can draw a pixel at a time. Intimidated? You can use a pre-drawn figure and then embellish it with template items. You are now ready to go head to head with the forces of darkness. It is a simple side-scroller. There are four different realms - Jangala, Icy Wastes, Eastern Winds and Shadow City. You can jump and stomp and punch your enemies, do favors/tasks for friendly persons, drive a car and fly a balloon and helicopter.

The other half of the game is drawing. There are two different types - Easel Drawing where a drawing page opens up and you draw objects. The other type, more fun, is Action Drawing. When you encounter an area defined by a dotted line - draw what you need to progress - sometimes it can be inelegant but functional. I think it depends upon the personality of the player. I am called "The impatient one", and so my drawings are rough but functional. You can always go back to the Creation Hall and modify your drawings at leisure. It is written that there are over 100 unique items throughout the game. As a diversion, there are sports-type mini games but they feel tacked on and do not affect the game.

The game graphics are simple and colorful, however your drawings are not likely to be up to the game's art quality. If you can, drawings will look better in the game if you can draw with slightly oblique angle instead of head on. Drawing, ah yes the drawing. Let me just say that the remote is not the best drawing implement and my new HD big screen is too big a canvas. The game is more manageable on the DS.

Fun Factor: An interesting side-scroller with lots of drawing help.
Female Factor: Ignore the image on the cover - your hero can be a girl
Player Friendly: New, Load, Delete Options - Why no Save?

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/09

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