El Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera  - Review

El Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera
Ages: Everyone

El Tigre - The Adventures of Manny Rivera THQ $19.99 B0011NVCSY It hasn't been since Cat in the Hat that I have played a 2D side scroller as lively as this one - and the underlying sensibilities are right too. With Manny, there is always family involved and this time Papa, the virtuous White Pantera and Grandfather, El Puma Loco have been kidnapped. Meanwhile Mikla the merciless and his AzTech warriors are overtaking Miracle City.

Manny has to convince the warring criminals in Miracle City to join forces to battle a greater threat. And how does he do that? By fighting with the help of Black Cuervo and earning Macho Points. Frida gets equal play by switching with the L2 button. There are four colorful locations, each adding some variation on the platforming; Miracle City, Cemetery, Calavera and the AzTech Ruins. The monsters are big, fierce and worthy opponents for El Tigre.

Fighting, thankfully, is easy - no wiggle waffling with the remote - just multiple presses on the circle button. Platforming and jumping are done with the X button. Some jumps are not so easy and the sequences are timed. I hate timed sequences. But I forgot how much play can be achieved with three buttons. Bonus levels give either Many or Frida a down hill ride to collect more Macho Points. Shouldn't it be Macha Points for a girl? The music has a Mexican flavor, the game is sprinkled with Spanish words and the environment suggests South of the Border.

At the introduction of the 2-D platformer, you are treated to an MRTV episode. This one has Miss Maria, Manny's mother attempting to reform a bunch of villains by teaching them anger management and compassion. Interesting, in this El Tigre game - the "bad guys" are engaged to fight for the greater good and the underlying philosophy is that bad isn't so bad, and in fact - is redeemable.

Fun Factor: A colorful, fun platformer
Female Factor: Frida gets equal time
Player Friendly: Timed and some jumps challenging - could use a flying jump.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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