Emergency Mayhem - Review

Emergency Mayhem
Ages: Teen

This isn't GTA but it drives like one. The vehicle controls are so loose that you are ziggaging widely on the sidewalk, running over people and crashing into other vehicles while trying to get to get to the emergency.

When first I saw this game - it was on the mobile. It is now a full blown, raucous, in your face game. Events, as the name implies, come fast and furious - this town is falling apart. Players will attempt to get to emergencies either as police, firefighter or medical rescue unit. In between, the poor automotive controls, and the directional arrow which is to point you to the nearest catastrophe but is spinning like a weather vane, plus the loud count down -- makes it really mayhem - so get on with it.

Tasks involve putting out fires, defusing bombs, pursuing felons, herding monkeys, applying CPR. Events are timed, and if you don't make it you are you are subjected to derogatory taunts like "Looser", "You failed - you suck". There are four precincts - you start in the industrial area and eventually unlock all of Crisis City. Two to four players can go head-to-head with over 30 mini games. It is mayhem - best played hanging loose.

Fun Factor: Catastrophes abound andyou are in the middle.
Player Friendly: You can save and play for another day.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

  • Emergency Mayhem
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  • Platform(s): Wii
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