Everlight of Magic & Power  - Review

Everlight of Magic & Power
Ages: Everyone

This is a really nice game, with a really nice hero, with a really nice and interesting story. And I mean nice in the nicest way. Melvin, a charming boy accidentally wanders into a magic shop to get in out of the rain and, in an encounter with the strange Mr. Teeth finds out that he is gifted with a magical ability. He is encouraged to become a magician but first he must conquer - fear of failure, fear of loneliness and the fear of death - quite a philosophical gulp. Agreeing, he's transported to a strange land to prove his worthiness. His first task is to free his mentor and guide - a snippy fairy.

He finds himself in Tallin, a town founded by four magicians that is now suffering from an unusual curse. At night the personalities of the inhabitants are reversed, an aged grandmother becoming a seductress, a querulous guard becoming a poet - which actually seems more amusing than worrying. Melvin is not affected and can switch between night and day.

Each character has a back story, the facial animation and physical appearances are well developed as is the varied voice talent. There is a lot of dialog in the game and lip synching was the only disturbing part. Puzzles involve finding out what is going on between some of the townsfolk and solving the problems between them. No fighting, no races, no blood, no cryptography, no nine-square puzzles - just putting 2 and 2 together to make four. A most refreshing game.

Fun Factor: Engaging
Female Factor: Fiona the fairy mentor and Farida a magic entrepreneur - both good characters.
Player Friendly: Save anywhere, anytime.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

  • Everlight of Magic & Power
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP W2K
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