Exit DS - Review

Exit DS
Ages: Everyone

We reviewed Exit on the PSP and gave it high marks. And now it comes to the DS with the added advantage of being able to use the touch screen and it's half the price.

In the game, you are Mr, ESC. and your job is to help people trapped in very dire circumstances. You will have to search and find the victims, lead them over obstacles, have them jump, climb, push things - even navigate in the dark. It feels much like disaster preparedness training. Your population of distressed souls range from children to oldsters with a few bed ridden patients thrown in for good measure. What you soon learn to do, is to work with the ability that each person possesses and so it is a joint venture. The detailed manual outlines every move, instruction and character data. The game takes itself seriously. Players can register their clear time for each situation on Global Rankings through the Nintendo Wi-Fi.

A clever, clever way of being a hero without killing monsters.

Fun Factor: Not only fun but an engrossing experience
Player Friendly: The best manual I have come across and I pay attention to manuals.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

  • Exit DS
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  • Platform(s): GBDS
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