Fading Shadows - Review

Fading Shadows
Ages: Everyone

It is a thinking gamesperson marble game - in complexity, not unlike Crush. The box art shows a medieval monkish character - seated threatenly upon a throne - fire and brimstone behind him, two headed dogs with snake tails in the foreground. Don't be misled - although there is a back story - this is essentially a clever strategy game of rolling an ever-changing marble through a maze.

Depending upon the environment - the marble can change from steel - heavy and can trip switches but rusts in water and can't really jump, wood - floats in water but easily burned by the guiding beam of light, glass - shatters but doesn't burn as easily and is impervious to water. There are transformer stations around the levels were gamers can change the state of the ball, and jewels to collect which give you an extra ball - but they are often in barrels which have to burned by your light beam. Players can modify the strength of the beam - smaller, more control but hotter, wider, less likely to set the wooden ball on fire. Directing the light beam also involves mirrors, adding a clever twist. Players traverse various challenging environments. There is no time limit which allows you plan your strategy and enjoy the scenery.

The back story, and interesting that they felt the need to do one, involves Aira whose brother is to be sacrificed by Gardal to enable him to conquer the Castle of Heaven. Aira, however has managed to seal her brother's soul in a tear drop. It is for the player to guide the orb to the Castle of Heaven.

Progress can be saved at the end of each level. The manual gives clear instructions, with drawings of the PSP plus colorful images from the story. The only problem I experienced was the near invisibility of the glass orb in some situations.

Fun Factor: Intriguing
Female Factor: It's only marbles in spite of the back story.
Player Friendly: Nice to have no time limit.

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/08

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