Final Fantasy XII - Review

Final Fantasy XII
Ages: Teen

If it seems that Final Fantasy has been around for years, it has. The first version of the game without a trailing number, Final Fantasy Warriors of Light appeared in 1987, which means that if your were 20 when your played it you would be 40 now, and most likely, still playing it.

What else can you expect besides good game play, excellent battles, great storyline, interesting characters, memorable music, superb voice acting, and stunning graphics? This version tops even that with a new game play using Gambits, which is to preplan your character's action who is first to attack, who and when to heal, who gets the most upgrades. In RPGs you do this anyway, but this takes it one step further by making it deliberate. And you can turn it off when you think your characters need more personal intervention. This totally eliminates button mashing and moves the game into the realm of those who want to plan the directions and battles of their characters. Though it takes more learning upfront in the game, it leads to more satisfying involvement in the game.

The game is set in Ivalice, first viewed in Final Fantasy Tactics and the characters are Vaan, the prototype hero, Penelo, sort of a big sister to Vaan but not one to trifle with, Ashe, princess of Dalmaca, believed to be dead, Basch, a loyal knight turned traitor, Balthier, a pirate and Fran his partner, skilled in machines and fighting. A heavy mix, a complex story and a wonderful adventure awaits you.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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