Final Fantasy IV - Review

Final Fantasy IV
Ages: Everyone 10+

Within seconds of opening the game it is obvious why it has attracted so many gamers. Cecil the imperfect knight appears with a moral dilemma; serve his king and continue as captain of the Red Wings or confront his mentor, the king who has commanded him to steal the sacred crystal from their friendly neighbors - the Mysidianas. Cecil "Speaks truth to power", is demoted, stripped of his rank and is sent to the distant village of Mist. His friend Kain, in an attempt to defend Cecil is also dispatched. And this is just the back story.

The characters are many and well fleshed out - not only on Cecil's side - but also the villains. Rosa, a white mage with more than friendly feelings towards Cecil; Rydia a summoner from Mist who can summon the Eidolons, mystical creatures that Cecil has been sent to kill. There is no lack of characters - a bard prince, a ninja prince, a grandmaster of the monks and white and black magic twins from the land of Mysidia - each with his/her own special skills and powers.

Augments are new to this game. They can be found, stolen of given to you by those departing your party.' They can increase HP and MP and are pretty necessary in fighting the final bosses. Success and winning in this games is not easy.

The touch screen is used mainly for navigational maps, the action occurring on the top screen -- in 3D. Cut scenes are more like movie snippets accompanied by voice acting - an impressive remake. For those who have played this game as Final Fantasy II this a welcomed update for the old classic.

Fun Factor: This remake of Final Fantasy II was well worth the wait.
Female Factor: Wonderful women
Player Friendly: Takes some work but well worth it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/08

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