Fishing Master : World Tour  - Review

Fishing Master : World Tour
Ages: Everyone

The only fishing I have ever done is through Fishing Master - three now. The game has developed in many ways since Rapala's Fishing Frenzy. The characters have gotten younger - now anime-like, while the mechanics of game play have become more sophisticated. Essentially you cast with the remote and control your line with the nunchuk in a reasonable simulation of fishing. A meter indicates when you should reel in or when to stop reeling in and let the fish tire itself out. You can augment your fishing style by how you handle both controllers. In this version we come back to trolling - something I learned way back in the Rapala version.

Since this sequel is called, "World Tour" it does exactly that: the Amazon, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, the Inland Sea , Nile River, Antarctica - even cities get into the act: Venice, San Francisco, New York. I haven't exhausted the list - but you get the idea. Plenty of fish in these waters.

Fun Factor: For the reight person - it's a gas
Female Factor: You can be a girl.
Player Friendly: Manual excellent with tips and suggestions like maybe you should get a heavier fishing rod.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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