Flipper Critters - Review

Flipper Critters
Ages: Everyone

I have often wondered what kept players in front of pinball machines for what seemed like hours. I now know.

Flipper Critters is a cleverly designed adventure game moved through by playing pinball. Scene after fantastic scene are cleverly arranged pinball platforms. All the DS controls are dedicated to manipulating the flippers -- shoulder buttons and pad and all the buttons. And I can tell you why I practically wore out my shoulder buttons playing the game. The instruction book the importance which eluded me the first time through gives instructions on how to finesse a pinball aiming, passing a bounce pass.

There are loveable characters in the game, Tiger and Monkey are the a main ones. The fights are secondary to persuing quests. The instruction manual takes care to give biographies of all the characters from their age, occupation to hobbies and interests. Not all of it is required but appreciated in these days of minimalism.

The colors are close to primary all the way through, and with the meticulous details sometimes takes on the aura of a kaleidoscope, and yet everything is clearly detailed. The images extend from the top to the bottom screen and the game opens with a brilliant blue waterfall falling from the top to the bottom screen. The music and sounds and sounds in particular are a lively cacophony of pinball bells, bongs and clanks. Ignition Entertainment made a well designed and executed game.

Fun Factor: Novel entertainment
Player Friendly: Might be a little too fast for those AARP subscribers but it's worth a try.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/07

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