Flushed Away - Review

Flushed Away (PS2)
Ages: Everyone

Games that use the assets of movies, whether they are good or bad, have half a leg up. The story, the characters, the graphics, the voices, the music, the brand identity exist. All that has to be done it to tweak it into a game. Why aren't they better, magnificent in fact? Gee it was a DreamWorks and Aardman production. I figure that it is because they are rushed into turning out a product so that it comes out close enough in time to the movie to benefit from the same publicity. And so, all the movie assets just get layered over with enough jumps and double jumps to make it last for 10 to 12 hours.

I think this is what happened to Flushed Away. The characters are clever, the animation smooth and the creation of the sewer metropolis inventive all of these I am assuming come from the movie assets. The game play is uninspired.

If I could I would prohibit double jumps in games. Let the designers figure out something else to flummox game players and count down the clock. Not only is this game a double jump game, where you are to land is often invisible, causing you to take a chance and blindly aim at where you think there might be a landing. You miss and die and miss again and the frustration builds. This is supposed to be FUN. And while I am at it, let's dispense with the introductory "training mode". I want into the game right away. I don't want to spend an hour training! I'll learn on the job. Anyway, it smacks of a test and we all know how we feel about tests.

Fun Factor: Too much reliance on blind double jumping seriously dampens the fun.
Female Factor: Rita is a spunky character with the best weapon (bungie cord).
Player Friendly: Designers ignored the sensibilities and needs of the players.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

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