Flushed Away - Review

Flushed Away (DS)
Ages: Everyone

This movie breezed through my neighborhood and I never got to see it so I can't compare movie to game. One of the two playable characters is Roddy St. James, an aristocratic, who is a kept/pet English rat, the other, Rita a street savvy denizen of the underground sewer system who is a sometimes thief. Roddy meets Rita by being flushed down the toilet into her land of sewers.

This game benefits from the wonderful claymation graphics produced for the movie. For kids, the DS version allows more ease in the playing and ample saves will eliminate frustration. All the other characters are here -- the anthropomorphic tugboat by the name of Jimmy Dodger, the boss villains are wonderfully fleshed-out, boss Toad with the girth of Jabba-the-Hut, Le Frog, French of course, and Whitney, ex lab rat and his sidekick Spike. Sewer city is a complete metropolis in itself with wry recognition of other noire environs and makes for an interesting background to jump, double jump, swing and kick. The designers limited the use of buttons to a few which makes the game easier.

Most of the attacks by Roddy and Rita are done by pressing the Y button, and special moves like Roddy's sword dash and Rita's Bungee jumps are done using the X button. There are three mini games which, thankfully, do not rely on double jumps and substitute blowing into the microphone instead. The animations are wonderful, the moves smooth and if you liked the movie, you will enjoy the game.

Fun Factor: The story and the graphics carry it along.
Female Factor: Rita is a playable character and a good strong protagonist.
Player Friendly: Lots of saves and simple button moves.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

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