Funny Face - Centennial Collection  - Review

Funny Face - Centennial Collection
Ages: General Audience

The ultimate chick-flick but a thinking woman's chick-flick. No one will forget Audrey Hepburn's transformation from the mousy bookstore clerk to the glamorous fashion model. Fred Astaire comes off as a credible photographer while singing and dancing, and Kay Thomson is completely believable as a trend-maker fashionista. The fashions are gorgeous; Gershwin songs, memorable; the location, Paris - who could ask for anything more?

Well there is plenty more on this two disk set. The extras are almost as good as the movie. Kay Thompson in "Think Pink" recalls the pink era where even kitchen appliances came in pink. There is mention of her many talents, including being the author of "Eloise" and her friendship with Liza Minelli.

"Fashion Photographers Exposed" is an inside view of how these guys work; what makes a good photo shoot; how digital photography has changed the profession. Interesting comments about the portrayal of the photographer in the movie. Astaire is imitating the style of Richard Avedon - the "caught in the motion look". It is posited that the story of Funny Face is based on the real life romance between Richard Avedon and model Dorcas Nowell.

"The Fashion Designer and His Muse" tells the story of Hubert de Givenchy - the designer of the fabulous clothes in the movie - and how he expected to be designing clothes for Kathryn Hepburn. Both hit it off and Givenchy went on to design clothes for Miss Hepburn.

The packaging is elegant - a black slip box with a golden square showing Audrey Hepburn in one of her classic poses. Would make a great Valentine gift.

Fun Factor: Great
Female Factor: Audrey Hepburn in a wonderful role

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

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