So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit Tone and Groove  - Review

So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit Tone and Groove
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Another addition to the dance/exercise DVDs that sort of started with Jane Fonda 1982 Workout. This one takes advantage of the So You Think You Can Dance craze and uses some of the dancers that have appeared on the program. The repeated message is, "We're dancing and having fun". I don't believe the word "exercise" is ever mentioned.

The focus in this DVD is to tone you up. There is a disclaimer about injury at the beginning which might give someone pause and remind them that they are the best monitors of their own limits. In the interest of best practices, a warm-up and cool-down are part of the routines. Three completely different styles provide movement variety.

The format for doing the routines is well thought out and develops over five sequences that start with each step being individually taught, then combined, repeated with a faster tempo, and finally done as a performance with style and personality showing. Instructions are clearly done, steps are counted out and instructions given in clear voices by every one of the dancers.

Three different dancers showcase their particular style of dance/exercise. Stephen TwitchBoss does Hip Hop; Katee Shean, Jazz; and Demitry Chaplin, Cha-Cha. Although it is dancing, the routines have lots of stretches, crunches, working the middle and upper body. Dimitry's Cha-Cha lesson was surprisingly the most difficult, and left the dancers visibly out of breath. Unexpected for a dance that is done almost on one spot.

All the instructors are excellent at engaging the viewer. They are a wholesome bunch of young professionals and time spent with them is enjoyable - if tiring. Bonus interviews tell a bit about how they got into the field. Their frank comments about how exhausting doing all the routines over and over was refreshing.

Fun Factor: Exercise while dancing
Female Factor: More women than men dancing.

Reviewed by: Editor - 02/10

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