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Ages: Teen

You can't really call this a shooter, I mean -- they are ghosts. "They are dead, Jim". Anyway, you do have some paranormal devices to slow them down and capture them. The main character, Lazarus (raised from the dead?) is part of a two person police team sent to investigate strange goings on at an abandoned school -- a site of some gruesome murders years ago. Lickety split, Lazarus discovers a laboratory and accidentally unleashes hoards of angry ghosts -- one of which snatches his buddy.

However, all is not lost. Lazarus, in the process of unleashing the ghosts becomes imbued with paranormal powers, plus a friendly flying ghost who attaches herself to him and helps him. This is just the beginning of a ghost hunt through school, sunken ship and spooky haunted swamp. While as a cop he has the standard issue of firearms, the most effective weapons are those which are activated by ghost energy. As for the ghosts -- there are plenty. The Revenants and the Howlers can take the shape of diaphanous shades and unless attacked by many of them can be easily captured if you are quick with the ghost grenade. But there are more powerful ghosts with unanticipated demonic powers that will put Lazarus to the test. The game for Halloween -- and beyond..

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

  • Ghosthunter
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