Girl Talk - Box

Girl Talk
Ages 8+

This one was originally a board game, and if you ever played it you are probably too old for this game. On the box they say that the game is rated for Everyone. Nah! This one is strictly for tweeners. You can listen to Back Street Boys, Brittney Spears and Solid HarmoniE and in Who's Who find out more about your favorite recording artists. There are places to talk about boys school and a very private, password protected diary. The stuff is really up your alley. The web site sorta gives you an idea of what's in the game.

There are four places to hang out and play stunts and quiz games. If you don't get the correct answer or finish the stunt in time you will have to put a zit on your face. You can play it by yourself with Rio, Mina, Jordan and Juno keeping you company but its more fun to play it on the Internet. Don't let your mom play this - she will only end up being a zit face.

Reviewed by Maryanne 12/99

  • Girl Talk
  • © Hasbro Interactive $29.95
  • Windows 95/98