Glyph - Review

Ages: Everyone

There is something very satisfying about one click wiping out a big bunch of blocks. The game's tempo, background music and voiced direction are soothing, and there's enough of a back story to weave a spell. Removing blocks will uncover the glyphs that will restore Kuros to its former beauty.

There are five realms, wood, metal, fire, water and aether which effect the background screen. Each of these realms has 25 different puzzles which gives you many, many opportunities to wipe out blocks. Interest is introduced with various Artifacts, which allow you to change color, wipe out a line or column or flash bomb an area. There are also rogue blocks which do not uncover the glyph, and obsidian blocks which are resistant to being removed, and you have to figure out how to handle them.

There are two modes, which contain different artifacts, Action and Quest. Quest mode is timed; however you are warned when you are coming close to your time limit and given a suggestion as to how to extend your time. Friendly! Keep Glyph on your computer it's a wonderful stress reliever.

Fun Factor: It's fun to wipe out swaths of blocks.
Player Friendly: They politely suggest how to extend your time to prevent you from running out.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/07

  • Glyph
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  • Platform(s): WVISTA XP W2K Me
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