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Beyond Good and Evil
Ages: Teen

How do you know who the good guys are? Can you trust the popular propaganda? Topical and weighty concepts for an adventure/action game. The main character is Jade, a free lance photo-journalist in the world of Hyllis. Hyllis has been attacked by aliens know as Domz and is being defended by the Alpha Sections. Jade senses something strange about this victory and sets out to do investigative journalism.

Jade travels with helpful sidekicks. Her sole defense is her Dai-Jo stick. Her means of earning money is through photographing endangered species. Slowly, slowly she begins to convince the people around her about the imaginable hoax being waged. There are lots of puzzles and less fighting than in many games. Good voice talent, first-rate graphics and Jade moves beautifully through the game. With a feisty female character -- a perfect game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

  • Beyond Good and Evil
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