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go play Circus Star
Ages: Everyone 10+

The second game of the go play series focuses on developing your character from a lowly side show performer to the star of the circus. Success is measured in the amount of applause you get; the more applause, the more money, and the more activities you can unlock and engage in. You start out under a circus tent, move on to a bigger arena and finally to a stadium in Vegas. For the beginner there is a Training Park and for the experts, Circus Camp Competition. The training sessions are excellent - presenting images of the controllers and indicating which button to push or how to move them. Directions are also clearly indicated for the Wii Balance Board.

The game is consists of circus themed mini-games, using the remote/nunchuk or the balance board. The action is well matched to the game; Human Cannonball, not unlike Harry Potters Quiddich runs; Pie Dodging will be familiar to those who have used the Wii Fit. Many games involve balancing, and for these the Wii Board works really well; Trampoline Acrobatics, Trapeze, Elephant Balancing, Tight Rope Walking. Some seem better suited for the standard Wii controllers.

The games have three levels of difficulty and you have to become master in all 15 events before becoming a Circus Star. Up to four persons can play - one at a time, passing the remote, and in this way, it is less of a party game than go play Lumberjacks.

There is no customizing of characters, you pick one of six ready made performers. Each comes with five costumes which change according to their acts. The graphics are colorful and simple but with plenty of detail to give the game a circus ambiance. Music - circusy. It's an excellent choice for the go play series. Who doesn't want to be in the circus?

Fun Factor: You want circus - it gives you circus
Female Factor: Pick your player's gender
Player Friendly: Good manual - excellent in-game help.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/09

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