go play Lumberjacks - Review

go play Lumberjacks
Ages: Everyone 10+

Majesco has started a new series around which to wrap theme related mini-games. So far they are tailored for the Wii, and include the Wii Balance Board. There are many actions that you can do with the controllers also; up and down, side to side, around and round and a twisty front to back motion, swinging, flinging. What makes getting up from the couch enjoyable is the action you are doing - the sillier the better, and the controller's sweet match with the on-screen action. Happily in go play Lumberjacks they all work.

The setting is a cross between a lumber camp and a carnival with a golden axe winner podium very like the Olympics. Country music in the background adds ambiance. Event categories include Sawing, Axe Throwing, Climbing, Chopping, and a Log roll and Boom Run in the water. The events start out simple and become fancier and funnier as they go along. You don't customize your character, you pick them from an anomalous collection of weirdos - Bart the peg-leg pirate who can screw implements into his arm, Nozawa, the ninja assassin who apologizes for not doing better, Lance, a polite medieval knight, Jack a muscular giant of a man who is in his element here, and finally a female - Jill who carries her own chain- saw. You can unlock the use of your own Mii, but if your are playing together, the characters are fun to slip into. It is a good party game - four can play at the same time. The anguish that the losers go through will amuse the players.

Saves can be made at the end of each event - but the word does not appear in the manual. However, game assistance in the game is excellent with the buttons and the motions being shown on screen. That includes those for the balance board. If you have one, try it. I found that I got higher scores using it. Guess my feet are faster than my thumbs. I hope this is just the beginning of the go play series.

Fun Factor: Sort of a wild backwoods carnival
Female Factor: Well, there's Jill with her chainsaw
Player Friendly: Gads - good manual, excellent in game help.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/09

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