Hannah Montanna - Review

Hannah Montanna
Ages: Everyone 10-

Hannah Montana is the secret stage name of Miley Stewart, who is leading a double life as a high school teen and the famous pop star. The game is played as Miley Stewart, who has received an anonymous card with someone claiming to know her real identity. This leads to a search to discover who it is. In her collection of gadgets to help her, she has a magno-glass and a flashlight, which in a dark room gives you a circle of visibility - cute.

Her best friend, Lily is around to give helpful hints on how to play the game. It used to be that that info was in the info book, but here you have to keep accessing Lily forever before you finally get to the action. There is a lot of talk, and I wish that they had placed talk buttons over the people you can talk to. I accosted every moving character before finding the right one. The game does not use the D-pad, and so movement is all done on the touchscreen. Opening doors requires copying the image shown on the upper screen to the touchscreen instead of the old fashion way of simply standing in front of it.

Graphics on the Nintendo DS should be moving upward toward the PSP in terms of images instead of downward towards the GBA. In Hannah Montana they made no use of the increased resolution of the DS screen. Maybe next time they will do justice to pretty Hannah.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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