Hello Kitty Party  - Review

Hello Kitty Party
Ages: Everyone

Let me admit first off - I am not a fan of Hello Kitty. I cringe at the saccharine sweetness and seeing the Kitty icon on everything - well maybe not on racing cars - yet.

That said - this is a good game. The games - 25 of them, are set around the theme of Kitty's party. You start out with sending invitations, sewing and making dresses, shopping, cooking, dancing, partying and dress-up. By using the camera option, dress-ups can be saved in an album. The games are heavy on matching objects, but it has following lines for sewing and enough cooking activity to feel like Cooking Mama. Practically every type of mini-game is in here.

Games and graphics are suitable for kids who can at least read the text. There could have been an attempt to keep the wording shorter and simpler. Some instructions are confusing, "Exit game" applies to the current activity - not the whole game. How kids understand the "Kitty-style voice" is beyond me. Must be a skill that only the young have.

The ubiquitousness of Hello Kitty franchise is confirmed with the choices of languages available for the game, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and German.

Fun Factor: Fun for the younger set
Female Factor: Kitty is a girl kitty and directs everything
Player Friendly: Single player - saves upon exiting. Good manual

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

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