Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs - Review

Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs
Ages: Everyone 10+

In today's market, there is a certain wry humor in a game with this title. In the main, the games are clever constructs of inventive job elements - they had a pretty clever team at Hudson making these things up. Players will find ones that become their favorites but you get from four to eight choices per day, and who can resist a new career? There are 50 jobs that players will get to choose from and because they are so amusing, I went to some effort to compile them:

Action Hero Arctic Delivery Art Restorer Astronaut Babysitter
Bodybuilder Cameraperson CEO Chef Cleaning Crew
Clown Courier Crane Operator Dairy Farmer Deep-sea Diver
Dentist Dry Cleaner EMT Farmer Firefighter
Fisher Game Creator Goalie Grill Cook Haunted House Crew
Interpreter Interviewer Kabuki Actor Lighting Crew Line Judge
Makeup Artist, Manicurist Master Higgins Newscaster Personal Trainer
Pinch Hitter Pit Crew, Pizza Chef Police Officer Resort Captain
Security Guard Shopping Crew Stuntperson Sumo Referee Supermarket Clerk
Sushi Master Tailor Teacher Tropical Waiting Staff TV Shopping Crew

For some you can anticipate the action, some will surprise you, some will take a few tries before you get really good at them. There is a lame story to the game that I find totally unnecessary: A comet is approaching the earth and will make impact in five days. The player must earn enough from the jobs to be able to buy objects from a TV shopping channel that will thwart the comet! Multiplayer is a competitive mode and the money doesn't accrue to buy things. It requires two remotes and there are a variety of battle rules to play by, and it feels like it has just been tacked on.

Because the mini games are short, there is an attempt to pace the player by setting up a day-might routine with only one job allowed per day. This calendar is also used to trump up the urgency of having to do well at the games and earn enough money to keep the comet from hitting the earth. Each day brings a countdown to destruction - however one thing or another manages to come up that gives the players a few extra days.

One of the best parts of the game is the variety of jobs. For kids and even adults it is a good experience to be exposed to more than doctor, lawyer, teacher and nurse - just look at the list.

Fun Factor: It might get a little repetitive trying to get a high score but the inventiveness will keep you going.
Female Factor: You can pick the gender.
Player Friendly: Saves are at the end of each day - but it would be nice if they mentioned it somewhere.

Reviewed by: Editor - 07/09

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