Herod's Lost Tomb - Review

Herod's Lost Tomb
Ages: Everyone

The National Geographic music and graphics are well done, accompanying you as you navigate through the cities Herod ruled. In different backdrops, you point and click to find a list of items you are hunting for. To help you, the items are silhouetted and should you falter, hints are also given to their location. After you've completed the numerous treasure hunts, you are treated to the entrance to his tomb and given a quick ending reel regarding the end of his life.

The game is easy and fun - probably geared for a preteen history, archeology buff or a non experienced gamer. The facts are kept light and short, with film clips of reenactments intermingled with the puzzles, to give life to Herod's history. The challenges are easy to moderate, with plenty of hints to bypass sticking points. While there is no reference to additional information - those who know about the National Geographic connection will quickly check out Herod on their site, http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com. National Geographic did a lead article in the December issue with information on the actual archeologist and more on the history and politics. However, the game itself is rich enough with both exterior and interior views to make it a very pleasant game.

Game can be downloaded from Amazon.

Fun Factor: Spend time on some real archeological sites.
Female Factor: Could play as a woman.
Player Friendly: Saves upon exiting. Easy access to hints.

Reviewed by: Adison Garzon - 11/09

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