High School Musical  - Making the Cut   - Review

High School Musical - Making the Cut
Ages: Everyone

This is going to be a musical year - Rock Band and Guitar Hero have alerted producers to the interest in all things musical. In no cases do anyone actually make music, instead they click on icons in time to the music sometimes to the dance. But combine this with the popularity of Disney's made-for-TV movie High School Musical and you have winner DS game.

High School Musical begins with a competition for the "Best Youth Musical". Training involves tapping on icons once they turn green or sliding from one to another. Actually it is quite fun more challenging in the more advanced levels. You get a score card grading your performance. Getting a high score is pretty difficult but D is a passing grade. But you want to keep trying to get a better grade because that's what makes the performance better. Get an F and the kids fall down on their faces. It's pathetic and you surely don't want to put up with that! . At the end of each level comes a time for the music video. Camera angle is fun to use sliding the stylus will make smooth camera pans while tapping icons on the bottom of the screen will change stage lighting, drop confetti or release balloons. You save and replay you game in the Video Studio not exactly obvious, and if you wish share it with your friend.

The whole crowd is here -- Sharpay, Troy, Gabriella, Ryan Chad and Taylor and the character animation is pretty good. I swear I can see Sharpay blink her eyes and move her mouth as she sings. Tapping her foot to the beat was an unexpected surprise. Disney has been generous to include 20 of the songs from the movie. The group tours start at the local level and go up to national with better and better stages -- so come along for the ride!

Fun Factor: Making and sending your own video is a plus.
Female Factor: You know the girls -- they're great and their moves are really cool.
Player Friendly: The word "save" doesn't enter into the manual, and Video Studio is not obvious.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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