My Horse Farm - Box

My Horse Farm
Ages: Everyone

This game is touted as The Tycoon Game for Horse Lovers. It has two parts -- a arcade riding and jumping section and a tycoon section where you run a horse farm. I printed out the 17 page manual to figure out what I was doing wrong when nothing seemed to happen -- feed the horse, saddle and get it ready for riding. Turns out there is no animation. Putting on a saddle highlights an icon on the bottom of the screen, but the horse remains undressed -- but you are told the horse has a saddle on it. When you give the horse water or feed it -- no food or water appears. I don't know were Viva Media dug up this game -- it's bad for their reputation. If you need to ride a horse get one of the recent Barbie horse games.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

  • My Horse Farm
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  • W98 Me XP 2000
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