Hot Pixel - Review

Hot Pixel
Ages: Teen

This is a very unusual game. There was Hot Brain and now Hot Pixel. A clue Hot means fast, Pixel, tiny. A bunch of fast tiny games. The tricky and fun part is, Atari doesn't give you any instructions on what to do. If you search, there is a one-liner hint option, that is turned off when you install it. The instruction book doesn't give much help except to advise you to use all the buttons available on the PSP. There are 10 boss games and 200+ mini-games,

If you think that the most fun of a puzzle is figuring out what it is that you are asked to do, and there are lots of us, this game will keep you happily engaged for days. You can even entrap friends through wireless play. Tell them it's brain exercise for the fleet of finger.

Fun Factor: Unique

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

  • Hot Pixel
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  • Platform(s): PSP
  • To Order: PSP $29.99