High School Musical 2  - Review

High School Musical 2
Ages: General Audience

Well - this was a pleasant surprise. We reviewed the game, High School Musical-Making the Cut last year. It focused mostly on playing the music by tapping on icons with exact timing - not too exciting. Not so with this DVD. It is hot, with screens-full of dancing and singing, a story that is a teen-age joy ride, acting which comes through as each actor portrays the very stereotypical character. Zac Efrom and Vanessa Hudgens play the bonding pair Troy and Gabriella, and Ashley Tisdale is over the top as Sharpa, the vulgar, privileged, shallow, super rich girl living in a gated community. That the story is predictable doesn't take away from the fun.

This was a huge production for a Disney Channel movie with a enormous cast. High School Musical 3 will be brought to the movie screen. The two disk set adds a sing along disk with words and clips from the dance routines so you can get up from the sofa and get in some aerobics.

Fun Factor: Everyone has fun
Female Factor: The good, and the ugly

Reviewed by: Editor - 09/08

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