Igor the Game  - Review

Igor the Game
Ages: Everyone

There has to be more to it than this - walking, jumping, fighting, going through doors - walking, jumping, fighting. True, there are some nice bits - girls choir singing off key, a blind woman who haggles for the price of admission to new areas, and finally a creature that can single jump to the highest places. You walk through miles of dark rooms, which at first are moody and interesting but finally end up being tedious and boring. While running would help - you can't.

The story probably follows that of the movie. Igor, having the lab to himself after the demise of his master Dr. Glickenstein, plans to enter the Annual Evil Science Fair contest with a creation of this own - Eva.

Besides the nagging ghost of Dr. Glickenstein, Igor's path is not easy. Enemies start out easily vanquished , such as robot chicks, but gradually become more deadly - killer spores, plant monsters, and brain crabs. Either way, they swarm and respawn and so there is a lot of bashing by all the characters. As a single player, you can cycle through all the characters - Igor, Brain, Eve and Scamper; otherwise 2 to 4 players can drop in or out with the press of a button. The puzzles are tailor made for one or the other of the characters' special abilities and can hardly be called puzzles. But I loved little Scamper with his high jumps.

Fun Factor: Interesting characters but repetitious
Female Factor: Eve - the strong compassionate monster
Player Friendly: Good manual. Saves each time you go through a door.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

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