IG Independent Games: Volume 2 - Review

IG Independent Games: Volume 2
Ages: Teen

An interesting series of games came across my desk -- IG Independent Games: Volume 2. Moondance Games has put together some of the award-winning titles from the Independent Games Festival (IGF). Here is a short sampling of some of the ones I checked out.

These are only eight; there are 21 games in 7 different genres. All are professionally done, and there is a fresh lighthearted quality about them. They come from universities, garages, small companies and it is encouraging to see alternates to the mega-game companies.

There are a couple of things that big game companies have that these guys don’t. These don't do much advertising. It's hard to find the game – Amazon has it under IG which is their undecipherable logo, I was looking for it under Independent Games. And they shortchanged their own product by not making an annotated booklet of all the games along with the production companies. Yeah, I know, it costs money.

I wish them luck and will keep an eye out for Volume 3.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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