Iron Man - Review

Iron Man
Ages: Teen

In the comics - he was the most interesting of all the Marvel heroes. In the movie - Robert Downey Jr. has imbued him with a sexy and storm-tossed soul. In the game - you have a man, who is mostly shaped like a projectile, hurling about, shooting, flying, lumbering about, and only a few cut scenes of Tony Stark to create a hero that your care about. Without that, you just have a fighting machine.

If one settled for that - the battles are unimaginative and repetitive. You vanquish an enemy - and more are spawned, eliminate them again - more are re-spawned - and on and on to fill up the time. This is exactly what girl gamers hate. Why is it necessary to kill something and kill it again and again - once should be good enough.

Ok - so he likes to dress up - but why do we have to "earn" the other suits - I mean, Tony is a billionaire - what's a few suits between gamers? As for the flying experience, the feeling was better in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

So after the rockets, grapple, and uni-beam and transferring power from his heart, there is no compelling reason to play this game unless it is to relive the movie. Question: If this were a stand alone game - would you play it? Maybe thatís how we should evaluate these games.

Fun Factor: Awww - Go see the movie and have a pizza instead.
Player Friendly: Not enough check points

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/08

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