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Jar Jar's Journey
Ages 4 and up

Why would they have picked the most annoying character to star in this game? Even the Star War diehards found Jar Jar's grating voice and demeanor irritating. In addition his speech pattern is confusing - not something that you want for youngsters picking up language skills. Of all the Lucas Learning games this one was a disappointment.

The game is formulaic. Edutainment titles, including this one, generally have the following activities:

Occasionally game designers come through with exciting ways of using these activities and then the product really sings. This one hardly hums. Try Orley's Draw a Story for inventive drawing that hasn't been replicated since, or Cyber Grannies for cleverness with great role models.

Reviewed by Genevieve

  • Jar Jar's Journey
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  • Windows 95/98 and Mac - System 7.6 or higher
  • 11/99