Just Dance - Review

Just Dance
Ages: Everyone 10+

When dancing games first came on the scene - Dance, Dance Revolution - you needed a dance pad to keep track of your steps. Then came dance moves using the remote and nunchuk. Cheerleading moves added a balance board. Now with Just Dance we are down to a single remote controller. Four can play, scores show up on screen. Players simply ape the moves the dancer does on the screen. There is a variety of actual dance moves done to music spanning the 80ís, 90ís, Disco, Rock - more than 30 songs. People can compete, thinking that they are being accurately scored - but it can't be done using only one remote.

The game tracks the hand that holds the remote. I managed to get a good score sitting down just moving one arm. The game implies that progress and scores are being collected - not so. Progress is simply a list of what songs were played and Statistics lights up a box on a grid indicating the song.

The game feels slapped together. It does offer songs and someone dancing. If this is enough to get your party rolling - go for it, but let the guys without the remote dance too.

Fun Factor: Game doesn't offer much
Female Factor: Women and men dancing

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/09

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