The Legend of Kage 2 - Review

The Legend of Kage 2
Ages: Everyone +10

You can tell a lot about a game from the respect developers have for it. Kage 2 is an outstanding example. Clear instructions, clear saves, obvious button combinations, logical advancement, a wide choice of gaming moves, interesting but not complex and a comprehensive manual using color as an informational device. They even give you the story about the game's origin in 1985 as an arcade game and the remake for the NES in 1986. Here we are in 2008 on the DS.

The story is about two ninja fighters, one male and one female, who set out in different paths to recapture a powerful princess who has been kidnapped by a demonic lord to use her talents in his fight against Tokugawa, the emperor who is attempting to unify Japan. Kage, the male hero is shown with his bare muscled chest and is very formal. Chihiro, the young girl feels more like a novice and the dialog and interactions are different.

The game is mostly played using buttons - the touch screen being used to create ninjutsu which are special powerful moves. Button use is logical and produces lots of moves without using multiple buttons. Holding down buttons creates moves with increasing force - holding down the B-jump button produces a higher jump. Moving the character uses the directional pad but two taps in a direction makes him dash, and holding down a directional button will produce wall climbing action.

Ninjutsu moves are created by collecting orbs representing, fire, water, lightning and non-elemental during the game, and placing them in an arrangement on a scroll. Additional skills are learned as you progress through the game - slide, body split, helmsplit and spinecut, with the exception of body split which you get at the beginning. The game is saved when you clear a stage or when you get the "game is over screen". At that point you can return to the map as it was before the game over and save your progress.

This is an example of a simple, game - it is a side scroller - that has been presented with care and respect for the player, and it comes through from the moment you pick it up.

Fun Factor: Good graphics - engaging side scroller
Female Factor: Game can be played as a female ninja
Player Friendly: Smooth play, well done game

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/08

  • The Legend of Kage 2
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  • Platform(s): GBDS DS
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