Kill me Kiss Me #5 - Box

Kill me Kiss Me #5
Ages: Teen 13+

"Smitten with teen idol star Kun Kung, Tae Yeon Im dreams of one day meeting the famous model and, perhaps, marrying him. Of course, she knows it's just a silly pipedream and would never even think of an encounter, much less a tryst, coming to pass."

"Alas, that is until her cousin, Jung-Woo Im, Tae's spitting image save for obvious differences in gender, reveals that he attends the same school as the well-publicized Kun. The minute it looks like Tae's fantasies may become a reality, the love-struck teen cooks up a plan to, at the very least, brush up against the object of her desire."

"She convinces her cousin to switch places with her for a week! She will dress as a boy and attend Jung-Woo's school as him ... while Jung-Woo would dress in drag and attend Tae's all-girls school."

Reviewed by: Tokyo Pop - 06/05

  • Kill me Kiss Me #5
  • Author: Lee Young You
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