Kim Possible - Global Gemini - Review

Kim Possible - Global Gemini
Ages: Everyone

I like this character I am even wiling to put up with bumbling Ron, but this game is just not user friendly. What defines Kim is all her acrobatic and fighting moves lots more than are really necessary to move the story along. She can climb poles, ladders and ropes, do double jumps and handsprings, perform ten different combat moves, and there are ten different gadgets between the two characters. All this leads up to a stiff learning curve, somewhat comparable to The Prince of Persia. With a stiff learning curve, you need save points. Die on the first mission and you get sent back to the beginning. Doesn't Disney know that girls don't want to start over?

Anyway, after dying three times in the training mission, I finally got down to smoothly handling Kim's moves the YYY+B combo. When I started Ron's training, I died fighting or not fighting enough and was sent back to the beginning to start Kim's training again. No thanks. I never got to play the game. Maybe the designers should have been at the Game Developers Conference where they talked about creating options to make games easier, what they call "more accessible" and what I call game friendly. Earnest Adams made a strong point that gamers should not have to "earn" the right to play a game. Hell they paid for it. So expect my future reviews to pay more attention the this aspect of game design.

Fun Factor: Game should be renamed Kim Impossible.
Female Factor: Wonderful arobatic spunky character.
Player Friendly: No saves in mission one, blocking furthur progress into game.

Reviewed by: Editor - 03/07

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