Kim Possible -- What's the Switch? - Review

Kim Possible -- What's the Switch?
Ages: Everyone

Wow Kim Possible has finally made it up to the consoles. Now, we can get the big picture, have her wander through all sorts of environments, maybe do acrobatics like in the Prince of Persia. She has made it from a GBA side scroller to the PS2 -- and it's a SIDE SCROLLER. It's just a big version of the game on the GBA. I really like this character, and so do lots of girls, and I hate it when a game doesn't make use of the platform it is on. Now that I got that off my chest on to the action.

The game story is that the brains of Drakken and Ron get switched. It's up to Kim Possible and Shego to work together to make it right. It's perfect for team playing both characters. There is a shadow training mode which, in addition to giving you the button presses, has a shadow figure showing you how to do the moves. Good and very necessary for both the Kim and Shego character because of the heavy use of action moves. You have double jumps, handspring jumps, wall bounces, ledge ups, and swinging on flagpoles and pipes. Besides all these there is the triple punch combo, the uppercut, and the drop strike well, you get the idea. The antics are lots of fun and the AI gives you a little help when you almost miss ledges. The foes are more awesome and I really took a liking to Shego. But it's still a side scroller.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/06

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