Kingdom Hearts - Re: Chain of Memories  - Review

Kingdom Hearts - Re: Chain of Memories
Ages: Everyone +10

Kingdom Hearts - Re: Chain of Memories fits between Kingdom Hearts Iand Kingdom Hearts II. In creating this game there was massive borrowing from I and II. Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck are on a mission to rescue Riku and King Mickey from the realm of darkness. If you have played I and II you know how it ends. I don't envy Square Enix doing this bridge. There is very little room to innovate and so you have the same characters, the same battles, the same villains. And so they brought in the card game system where story progression and battles are governed by your deck. Card gaming feels so retro. The Castle of Oblivion however, is an interesting piece of business. Upon entering it, all abilities and experience from the last game are slowly stripped from the characters. What a way to start a new game!

I don't see a big market for this game. As a Game Boy remake - some have already played it. KH players already know how it ends - no suspense - like reading the last chapter of a murder mystery. Can there be that many people who want a tour of Disney's assets? Maybe we should wait for Numero III?

Fun Factor: Only for Kingdom Hearts fans
Female Factor: Plenty of Disney females.
Player Friendly: A perfect manual. Detailed info on cards, good info on controller configuration and where/how to save.

Reviewed by: Editor - 01/09

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