Peter Jackson's King Kong  - Review

Peter Jackson's King Kong
Ages: Teen

It is hard to take your eyes off the game to check out the Strategy Guide. You and your friends are hard pressed to survive against all the creepy crawlies not to mention the Venatosauruses who are seriously trying to make you their dinner. Survival depends upon your effective and smart use of what exists in the environment -- the beasties themselves, rock, fire bones. Getting a handle on how to approach fighting "au natural" improves your chances of staying alive and not having to do the level over again. So you can either read up before hand and live long and prosper or you can just jump in and learn by doing, and doing, and doing. There are summary paragraphs for each of the levels with suggestions about the kill ratings vs. the potential for injuries to help you attain the highest score. This is a good technique because it delineates the goal of each of the levels without giving away too much of any of game action.

Note: A nice article in the New York Times, Business section 2006/03/05, on David Hodgson who is one of the strategy guide writers for BradyGames.

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Reviewed by: Editor - 02/06

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