This review of "Kristi Yamaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating" is by Maryanne.

Kristi Yamaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating

You Skate?
Ages - Not Stated

You skate? Youíve gotta get this one. Kristi Yamaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating lets you design Kristiís routines, choose background scenery and select the music to accompany her performance. You will spend hours creating different routines and watching how Kristi performs each step.

The design a routine section has five different move categories; Poses, for beginning a performance and final bows, Jumps, Spins, Connecting moves and Combinations. The program uses the camera view format to put together your selections to make the smooth transition into a complete routine. Playback options lets you scroll forward, backward.

A particularly nice option is the one that lets you view the steps frame by frame so you can learn how Kristi does the bunny hop, the double lutz, the triple top loop and many other steps. A costume design option lets you make new designs but you canít change the costume in which Kristi skates.

A special bonus is the video that shows how motion capture and computer graphics was used to make the animated images of Kristi. Interesting work - maybe someday you would like to try your hand at it.

  • Kristi Ymaguchi Fantasy Ice Skating $19.95
  • GT Interactive/Wizard Works
  • CD-Rom Windows 95
  • Order: This may not be in the stores yet, so order from: ( 1-877-457-4784