Lego StarWars The Complete Saga (DS) - Review

Lego StarWars The Complete Saga (DS)
Ages: Everyone 10+

It's hard to believe that all six episodes and Legos are on what I can hold in my hand. What at treasure. Star Warriors know the drill – podracing, hanging out with the Ewoks, running down corridors of the Death Star, battles with armies, one on one with the lightsaber duels. I haven’t gotten to the end but when Luke loses his hand will a piece of Lego fall off? When your hearts give out you fall apart. With all six episodes of the saga, even Star War know-it-all fans will have their memory jogged. It is clever, and funny, and true to the story. Maybe you need a box of Legos?

Levels are entered through doors and are unlocked in sequence. New characters have to be paid for with Lego Studs -- you can travel with three partners, controlling one at a time. It’s like the RPG's - pick your team for its skill and attributes. You can play with a friend provided he/she has their own copy of the game. Try making a new character by mixing and matching parts of other characters. What an opportunity for a schizoid hero.

The Cantina is the central hub where you return for stats and mini-games and the opportunity to earn Studs. Each of the six Star War movies make an Episode with five levels each. While levels are played consecutively, players can move between the different Episodes at will.

It's a game that should really be savored – Even for those who have enjoyed all the movies this is a way to relive the story and enjoy the inside jokes and tongue in cheek humor. Play it first in Story Mode and go back and explore the lands in Free Play Mode.

The touch screen is used for the Force and the mini-games. These games can be played in Challenge – stay alive as long as possible or Survival mode - see how many Studs you can collect before your hearts give out.

For technical problems there is Yoda's Help Desk 24/7 This is a game done with love.

Fun Factor: One of the best.
Female Factor: Hooray for Princess Leia.
Player Friendly: You have to complete a level before you can save. Pity!

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/07

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