Let's Draw   - Review

Let's Draw
Rating: E - Everyone

It's a simple game. Learning involves replicating the drawings done on the top screen. The drawing begins with simple shapes and continues until the drawing is finished. Coloring has a set of crayons (how could they have missed pink) and three pens - thin, thick and stippled (how could they have missed fill) plus an eraser. You can save up to 12 pictures. Item groups to draw include cars, fruit, people, small and large animals, nature, bugs and dinosaurs with additional choices within the group. Line control is still hard with the stylus. The game benefits from the larger screen on the DSiXL. Either way, players should make use of the whole drawing area to keep the size compatible with the other objects on the screen.

Mini games has the option of Play or Draw. Draw has you draw the characters/items for the game - some require more than one drawing if you want to fill all the slots. The games are pretty simple and include wack-a mole, paper airplanes, picking fruit, racing and insect battle. The game is good for kids who can't quite read yet - a pleasant voice gives direction and names items.

The 12 year old Orley's Draw-a-Story - Broderbund for Windows98 is still my favorite drawing game. Orley, a girl with a sing-song Jamaican accent encourages players to populate an animated story with their drawings.

Fun Factor: Majesco does everything right but the game still feels flat.
Female Factor: NA
Player Friendly: The game doesn't do enough to help the player. Stylus control is hard and lack of fill makes coloring tedious.

Reviewed by: Editor - Mar/10

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