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Lizzie McGuire 2 -- Lizzie Diaries
Ages: Everyone

I don't understand it. Two great girl characters, two Disney games and yet one is boring and one just chock full of fun. Lizzie McGuire is having action filled days in Lizzie McGuire 2 -- Lizzie Diaries. This side scrolling platformer is played out in three level-days. Each level has four games and when you complete all four games you complete a day. Once this done, Lizzie gets to write in her diary and go onto the next day. The days run in sequence and have different games and locations. Day 1: School -- food fight, badminton and cheerleading. Day 2: Beach -- beach volleyball, water skiing. Day 3: Mall -- waiting and bussing tables and shopping in a mall maze. There is lots of jumping on things - some are easy like barrels, some are hard like beach balls. There is enough coordination required so it may be frustrating to some younger girls. Particularly so, since if you don't complete the level -- you can't go on to the next. Bummer! But still it is a good game -- lots of action for a side scroller.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/04

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