Madagascar Escape 2 Africa  - Review

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
Ages: Everyone 10+

The game starts out in the lush green scenery of Madagascar. King Julian, the lemur, is directing everyone into mini games. Alex the lion runs around catching butterflies, jumping through hoops, and roaring to frighten away birds. Gloria the hippo does high jumps on a diving board and collects tokens under water. Melman the giraffe flies through the air and pops balloons. Marty the Zebra runs races. The activities didn't seem to fit into the story but the games were simple and I was looking forward to the main plot.

I hit the soccer game with Alex and Marty playing against the lemur team. The camera follows the ball and the lemurs follow the ball. Marty is almost always off camera so it becomes difficult to control him. I played the soccer game eight times before giving up. Game Over.

A game which has a point beyond which a player cannot get past to continue the game - even after repeated tries is a defective product. Game design allows for counters to be activated for scores, and for passage through the game. How difficult would it be to count the number of times the player attempts a hazard or action, and at some point allowing, with permission perhaps, a free pass? This game was aborted ten minutes into the game.

Fun Factor: Didn't get far enough into it
Player Friendly: Not

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/08

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