Major Minor's Majestic March   - Review

Major Minor's Majestic March
Ages: Everyone

This one is for all the kids who are in bands or want to be in bands and hankered to be up front as the drum major pumping time with baton, up and down. The game requires you to swing your remote up and down to a marching beat. Your little animal players tell you if it's too slow, too fast or just right by the colored shapes above their heads. Your job is to find a tempo that will please all the players to keep them from dropping out. Swinging the remote left or right will capture players for your band, and pick up extra goodies on the sidelines. There are obstacles to overcome or avoid - all while keeping the beat steady.

Fatigue will limit game play. I never realized how tiring it is to swing a baton. But if you keep it up, you will be rewarded with some of the classic march music: Sousa - of course, The British Grenadiers, Pomp and Circumstance, The Slavonic March and many more.

How well the music sounds is up to you. There is a villain for excitement that will try to cause chaos. It's an interesting approach for kids that doesn't burden them with pitch or melody - just the beat. It's a beginning.

Fun Factor: Colorful and the music is a gas - not what one would expect.
Female Factor: Major Minor is a boy but the magic baton is Great Great Grandma Gladiola's.
Player Friendly: Easy introduction to music games.

Reviewed by: Editor - 05/09

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