M&M Beach Party - Review

M&M Beach Party
Ages: Everyone -10

M&M, what am I going to do with you? Ok, you're not Sees Candy but you are one of my drugstore favorite candies. I get the feeling that both this games and the last one are being developed by talented game school students.

First the good part. The mini games are played with the remote using many different types of motions - and they all work. One, requiring motions to fill up a sprayer with paint and spray made sounds of liquid in my remote - I almost dripped it - but of course, I had the wrist strap on. But what a great bit of business. The six games include: Ring Toss, Colornator, Kyak Race, Mr. Runch Slam - dunking flowers, Skeetball Race - really requires a powerful throw and Volley Ball - the hardest requiring six different moves.

On the other hand, the graphics are truly primitive - I know you can't do much with an M&M but the scenery is absolutely minimal. And it's along time since I moved the character by moving the camera left and right to accommodate the limited forward and backward moves for the character. There are 20 shells to pick up and they unlock additional add-ons to games and the kayaking game. Would it be too difficult to put up a number on the screen telling you how many shells you have picked up?

The game is really strange - good game cursor control, relatively OK mini-games but set into a bare-bones graphic environment.

Now, excuse me while I go have some M&M's.

Fun Factor: Rent- don't buy - the flavor doesn't last
Player Friendly: A truly minimalist experience.

Reviewed by: Editor - 04/09

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