March of the Penguins - Review

March of the Penguins
Ages: Everyone

This is the Frogger of the 21 century a charming and creative adaptation of the movie March of the Penguins. The 12 chapters follow the movie accurately:

  1. Journey to the Breeding Colony
  2. Mating Season
  3. Quest for Food
  4. Feeding Time
  5. Braving the Elements
  6. Return from the Sea
  7. Finding the Family
  8. Return to the Sea
  9. The Grand Feast
  10. Return to the Family
  11. The Grand Reunion
  12. The Final Journey.
The traveling chapters use tools such as bridges, stairs, ramps, hot coals and slides. Other chapters involve belly slides from snow bank to snow bank to reach the penguin's mate or chick; traveling through a maze of penguins to find the warmest spot without dropping the egg, and diving for food while avoiding predators.

The penguins are as cute as can be. One only wishes for a larger screen and more detail than that is available on the GBA. But this games does also play on the Nintendo DS. If you also have a Game Cube, you can purchase an adaptor that will play GBA cartridges on your TV using the Game Cube controller. It's a great option most people don't know about.

DSI Games and National Geographic Ventures have partnered to produce this game. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is the next one in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for it.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/06

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