Marvel Heroes Breakout DVD Game  - Review

Marvel Heroes Breakout DVD Game
Ages: Everyone

Is it a DVD? Is it a board game? It's both -- a DVD board game. You start on a game board, roll the die, move your hero and the spot you land on indicates what assignment you will take on. Assignments are shown on the TV and can involve selecting the best path through the city to capture the villain before he/she gets away, which you accomplish with the use of the TV remote. If you succeed, the villain is locked up and you earn one of the villain cards. The cards are gorgeous -- Viper, Leader Lizard, Magneto, Mr. Sinister – over twenty of them. He who has the most villains – wins. If you prefer, you can play without the board, and just take turns with the assignments. There are also trivia quizzes, and a matching body parts game so if you don’t know your Marvel heroes and villains when you start, you will after a few games.

While the cards for the super villains are great, the token heroes are just that – tokens. I wanted 3D miniature super heroes. Playing on the TV and board makes it a natural for family play. DVD player, TV and remote are required and not supplied. An interesting trend is emerging where games are independent of console, computer or handheld and rely upon the TV, DVD player and remote.

Fun Factor: Quite amusing but mostly for the younger set.
Female Factor: At least one female super hero and super villain.
Player Friendly: Easy to play.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/07

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